Institution: University of the Fraser Valley
Department: School of Graduate Studies
Contact: Katherine Watson
Program Coordinator
Certificate in Program Evaluation
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC, V2S 7M8
Tel: 604-504-7441 ext. 4265

Description: The School of Graduate Studies offers a Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation for professionals who expect to be involved in various capacities in program evaluation. The program will employ various delivery methods, mostly online and self-directed study, and consists of four courses, over 4 semesters, totalling 15 graduate-level credits. All courses are competency-based, designed to provide professionals and managers with the practical knowledge, skills, and credibility for conducting, managing or participating in the program evaluation process.


Course Number: PREV 700
Course Title: The Context of Policy Development and Performance Evaluation
Description: Introduction to the theory and practice of policy development and performance measurement. Focus is on the role and importance of program evaluation and other mechanisms in informing policy and successful delivery of programs and services.
Terms Offered: Fall

Course Number: PREV 710
Course Title: Program Evaluation Principles and Processes
Description: Introduction to the analytical and systematic processes used in program evaluation and the importance of logic models. Various approaches and research methods are critically examined.
Terms Offered: Winter

Course Number: PREV 720
Course Title: Evaluation Design and Issues in Program Evaluation
Description: Introduction to the design process in program evaluation including the selection of an appropriate research methodology. The course focusses on needs assessment and process/implementation evaluation. Students will develop several evaluation designs.
Terms Offered: Summer

Course Number: PREV 730
Course Title: Evaluation Design and Issues in Program Evaluation II
Description: Introduction to the theoretical foundations and methodologies of impact evaluation and cost-benefit analysis and examines the strengths and limitations of these approaches. Students learn to design and conduct studies and interpret their findings.
Terms Offered: Fall

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